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         Choro Music Ensemble Class

These ensemble classes for all instruments

will focus on the practice of several

topics in the choro repertoire:


Form of the songs




Rhythm Patterns and Variations


We analyze and play on this class on the University Federal of Goiás in Brazil, a variety of music representing the main composers from the early 20th century to today, including Ernesto Nazareth, (1863 - 1934), Bonfligio de Oliveira, (1894 - 1940), Pixinguinha (1897-1973), Radamés Gnattali (1906-1988), Jacob do Bandolim (1918 - 1969),  Waldir Azevedo (1923-1980) and Hamilton de Holanda (1976).

We also will consider a variety of rhythms used in the Choro genre, such as Maxixe, Baião, Choro, Samba-choro and Frevo.

This class is for all instruments.


                           Núcleo de Choro - EMAC- UFG

            Videos and arrangements for guitar and group

Performance project with students of Federal University of Goiás,                                         coordinated by Julio Lemos

O bom filho à casa torna - Arranjo completo

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