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Julio Lemos Brazilian guitarist and professor at the Faculty of Music of the Federal University of Goiás. It is with great pleasure that he presents for the first time in the city of Milan the workshop on Brazilian music, in particular on the choro.

The workshop focuses on all instruments choro, 6 and 7 string guitar, cavaquinho, mandolin, flute, clarinet, saxophone and tambourine.


This workshop is a hands-on class where everyone should bring their own instruments to play on the spot in the choro circle format, we will play and discuss the musical, historical and interpretive aspects of choro.


We will work on aspects of harmony and choro improvisation, rhythmic aspects, on samba, sambado (sambachoro), maxixe and baião and their variations.


For this specific workshop we will be working on the following songs

Bom filho a casa torna

Composer: Bonfiglio de Oliveira

Style: maxixe


Vai meu samba

Composer: Julio Lemos

Style: modern samba


Noites Cariocas

Composer: Jacob do Bandolim

Style: samba

Chorinho de Gafieira

Composer: Astor Silva

Style: Samba-choro

It is recommended, if possible, that the students already play the songs mentioned or that they can do a quick reading of the songs above before the laboratory, so that they can play in the laboratory and be able to deepen the aspects covered.


We will provide students with materials of the topics discussed in the laboratory at the end of the lesson in a direct link with different scores and teaching materials related to the lesson.


Below is the link with the scores to download and the videos of the songs on YouTube.

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